Antifr-Agile Day : Part 2

2017’s theme is a continuation of the conversations started at last year’s conference. Sessions offer experience and ideas that go beyond “doing agile” and into continuously and successfully addressing dynamic opportunities, essential challenges and complex issues.
The conference will follow the format from past years, opening with a keynote speaker, concurrent sessions in the morning and an open space in the afternoon. As in the past, the conference will be a dogma-free event, focused on attendee safety in all forms and a commitment to accelerated learning through intentional diversity.

Seven years of continuously learning, improving and expanding

Speakers and Presentations

Speaker announcements coming soon…

Working people sharing real experiences from the trenches


There will be three, antifr-agile sessions types, that emphasize experiences & practices over theory & conjecture.

Experiential Sessions

Practioners sharing ideas and experiences around the successful and continuous use of lean and agile ideas

Advancing Sessions

Deep practitioners sharing ideas and practices that augment or extend basics practices or principles

Evolutionary Sessions

Brave explorers present and discuss tools and techniques that are on the horizon, in the “what’s next” category


Coming soon…

Venue: McNamara Alumni Center

200 Oak St. SE, Minneapolis, Mn 55455